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Contact Information

TEL: 076-286-2211(内線5119) / FAX: 076-286-1635 / Email:


Professor and Chair

  • WATOH Yukihiro 救急医学和籐

Senior Assistant Professor

  • MASHIBA Satoru

Assistant Professor

  • MURASAKA Kenshi
  • MORITA Hideki
  • WATANABE Atsushi
  • USHIMOTO Tomoyuki

Medical Research Doctor

  • ISHISAKA Taishi
  • ITO Yoshinori

Clinical Fellow


  • GOTO Tetsuro
  • IWAI Junichi

Research Achievements

Research Activities

  • Y.Watoh:A line-up of earthquake-related diseases-in causl and temporal classification-, Mizunami International Symposium on Earthquake Casualties and Health Consequences, (Mizunami, '10.11).
  • J.Iwai, A.Watanabe, M.Mizunuma, T.Goto, H.Morita, K.Murasaka, S.Mashiba, K.Ogura, Y.Watoh:A trial and evaluation of the physician-driven ambulance for five years, The 10th Asia Pacific Conference on Disaster Medicine, (Sapporo, '10.08),10th APCDM, 138, 2010.
  • K.Ogura, S.Mashiba, A.Watanabe, J.Iwai, M.Mizunuma, T.Goto, H.Morita, K.Murasaka, Y.Watoh:Comparative evaluation of the two DMAT's response, The 10th Asia Pacific Conference on Disaster Medicine, (Sapporo, '10.08),10th APCDM, 206, 2010.